Monthly Archives: March 2007

Prince Harry “Assaults” Photographer, Falls in Gutter

Prince Harry is back in trouble again: over the weekend, while at his favorite watering hole, Boujis, he and busty gal pal Natalie Pinkham shocked onlookers while downing "crackbaby" shots and feeling each other up at a private …

Lily Allen Insults Americans, Joss Stone Blasts the UK Press

You can’t love Lily Allen without loving her big, ballsy mouth, and for the most part, I agree with her statements about Madonna, Kate Moss, sexism in the music industry, and celebrity body image. Therefore, I’m giving her …

Jealousy Toward David Beckham Cost England the World Cup?

I think David Beckham is overrated in too many ways to count – starting with his much-touted sex appeal and fashion sense – and clearly his England teammates felt the same way. Football super-agent Pini Zahavi attributes …

When America Re-makes British TV

Which of the new American remakes of British TV series will thrive – and which are doomed to failure? Tim Goodman of The San Francisco Chronicle predicts which shows will hit or miss.

“Doctor Who” Season Four Confirmed For 2008

David Tennant's Doctor will command the Tardis for another day: Russell T. Davies confirms a fourth season for Doctor Who.

Pete Doherty: Nothin’ But a Crack Ho?

During an interview with Vogue Hommes International, Pete Doherty pulled out a crack pipe. Yeah, been there, done that.

“Heroes” Star Sendhil Ramamurthy Scorches Up “Ultimate Force”

You know him as Mohinder Suresh, the Indian geneticist seeking to fulfill his late father's legacy on Heroes. American-born Sendhil Ramamurthy got his acting start in Britain on shows like Casualty and BBC AMERICA's upcoming …

Brits Invaded “American Idol” Last Night

Thank God I wasn't the only person appalled by last night's "British Invasion" edition of American Idol.

New York Magazine Wades Into New York v. London

Continuing last week's brawl started by The Times' James Harding, New York Magazine has taken up the battle between New York and London. This time, it's the Big Apple that's on the defensive.

Heather Mills’ Campaign For Public Sympathy Begins

A colleague sent me an email titled “A gift for you,” and added, “How perfect was Heather Mills‘ score? 666, obviously.”