Monthly Archives: January 2007

Kate Middleton: A Paparazzi Target Who Rivals Princess Diana

This morning, the Associated Press released an article signalling Kate Middleton‘s entrance into the world spotlight. “Prince William‘s girlfriend, Kate Middleton, may one day become queen of England.

Angelina Jolie to Madonna: Your Adoption Wasn’t “Legal”

Not long ago, Angelina Jolie said she hadn’t been acquainted with Madonna, even though Jolie’s partner, Brad Pitt, is good friends with Guy Ritchie. Now, we have some insight into the “why.

Lights Go Out, Walls Come Tumbling Down…

Tomorrow, the BBC AMERICA boards are going underground for an extreme makeover. A little nip here, a little tuck there, and presto, the sexy new BBCA forums will emerge like the swans they were always meant to be.

Prince Harry’s Nazi Moment Comes Back to Haunt Him

Those devious Dutch: a gallery in Amsterdam is showing a painting that has “sparked outrage among monarchists,” according to today’s Sun. It depicts Prince Harry wearing that infamous Nazi uniform while the royal …

Anglophenia’s British Hotties of the Year

I believe it’s healthy – honorable even – to set aside one day a year to be completely superficial and salacious. I’m getting mine out of the way early. Let’s celebrate the hot people!

It Is Decreed: 2007 Will Be the Year of Mika

It’s the beginning of 2007, and publications everywhere are placing their bets on the would-be stars who will command the radiowaves in the coming year. The Guardian‘s list is surprisingly American, with the L.