WATCH: David Letterman Has Some Fighting Words for James Corden

We don’t like to stir the pot, but we’ll step out of character this one time: What’s up with David Letterman picking on our Anglo favorites?

How to Pretend You’re British for a Day in NYC

Can’t make it to the U.K.? Let’s create a quintessential British day here in New York City. There’s playing house, but let’s play Brit:

WATCH: David Tennant – “I Don’t Mind the Shutting-Up”

There’s a nice interview with David Tennant over on the Radio Times site, one that takes in some of his recent achievements, current responsibilities, and of course, the endless problem of being unable to speak about his work in …

9 Times Big Ben Appears in ‘Doctor Who’

There’s something magnetic about Big Ben, especially where Doctor Who is concerned. The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster in London, which took its common name from the great bell that hangs in the belfry, has seemingly …

Keira Knightley Clarifies the Origin of Her Name

Keira Knightley is a regular on the Anglophenia blog, and whenever her name pops up, it’s best practice to double, even triple, check the spelling before publishing, because that sneaky spell check may go ahead and “fix” …

WATCH: Dominic West Raps to Promote a Film He’s Not Even In

This is a tale of many parts, some of the most interesting of which have nothing to do with a British actor from a well-to-do background—most famous for playing an American policeman in a gritty TV drama—who has popped on a baseball …

WATCH: Alan Rickman Stars and Talk-Sings in Music Video

It’s always fun when one of your favorite actors pops up in an unexpected place, you know, like a music video. While a good surprise, you might find yourself thinking, “How did this happen?”

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: It’s a David Tennant Special!

For no particular reason other than we love him, he won an award for being awesome and he appears to have taken over both acting and the internet, this week’s Doctor Who’s Day is largely given over to David Tennant, the …

WATCH: Jamie Bell as The Thing in ‘The Fantastic Four’ Teaser

Let’s be clear. Once the events that take place in this teaser trailer have played out in the full-length reboot of the The Fantastic Four, there probably won’t be a whole lot of Jamie Bell left to look at.

Emma Watson, the ‘Belle’ of the Ball

This came up yesterday but someone said something about David Tennant and we got distracted so…