Poppy Carlton

Poppy Carlton

Poppy is, at heart, simply a sweet girl, even if she can come across as what some refer to as a “high maintenance” “nightmare” with “too much money, self-esteem and free time.”

But who doesn’t have room to grow? And for Poppy, her journey to the United States presents a great chance for growth: to see the world, grab it by the horns, and possibly someday mount those horns above one of the many archways in her ancestral home, Caunty Manor.

Poppy’s the sort of girl you’d find gracing the same London nightclubs where Prince Harry hangs about, but she’d hardly notice her dashing distant relation. After all, she’d be amid her own whirlwind of attention and excitement, and burdened further in having to explain to all her friends all the ways they were looking and acting oh so gauche. And then there’s all the boys to flirt with. And who can keep track if they happen to be her friends’ boyfriends? And who can blame them for flirting back? She’s a sweet girl.

But sweet doesn’t mean dull! Poppy has an extremely low tolerance for anything boring, and she can’t help it, she’s got one of those faces that shows exactly how uninterested she is at any given moment. Poor girl, she makes that sort of face quite a lot.

Poppy is very much looking forward to raising her profile on her trip around the United States with her brother. She has high hopes of finding fame in America as a pop star/actor/author/lifestyle guru/cookery presenter. Some have called her “self-deluded,” but Poppy doesn’t really know what that means. There’s no reason to doubt she will find great success in the States, one way or another!