Georgie Carlton

Georgie Carlton is the most affable man you could meet. He loves people almost as much as he loves dogs and agriculture. He is generous to a fault, always punctual, and he’d rather die than be late. Georgie is so loyal that he “should have been born a dog,” as he puts it, “but may as well struggle through as a human until the next life.”

Georgie is using his trip around the United States in the company of his sister Poppy, as documented in BBC America’s Almost Royal, not only to act as an ambassador for his own great nation to the good folk of America, but also as a chance to become more “manly.” Alas, the late Lord Carlton never thought his son would amount to much, man-wise, but Georgie has vowed to prove him wrong.

And so Georgie is struggling to prove to himself and to the (rather conflicted) memory of his recently departed father that he is able to take care of himself, his sister Poppy, and their mother Sybil, as well as all of the land and staff left for him to manage on their estate in Norfolk, Caunty Manor.

We have every reason to believe he will manage, in his own unique way, to live up to his Father’s legacy.