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Patsy‘s canoodling with an MP makes for primo tabloid fodder, but it’s not the front page news that leaves her truly upset. It’s that people think she’s 47 years old, gasp! To make matters worse, Patsy lands an interview with Hello magazine, but before she shares her story she decides to improvise a facelift with a little surgical tape.

Meanwhile, Edina heads to a private hospital for a consultation for a hurt toe. Patsy goes along, with the hopes of getting a chemical peel and some work done to her eyelids ahead of her big chat with Hello. But not everything goes according to plan, as the ladies create a royal ruckus for the hospital staff. Edina has dreams of what her ideal family would be like while under anesthesia. And Patsy’s surgical enhancements are another story all their own.

“Hospital” also stars Helena Bonham Carter as Saffy, “Mistresses” star Orla Brady as Nurse Mary, Germaine Greer as Mother and Suzi Quatro as Nurse.