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Edina is facing a crisis. “I’ve got a PR company with no clients and a TV company with no shows!” she cries. Bubble has e-mailed Edina’s personal address book and correspondence to rival PR person Claudia Bing (Celia Imrie) and the only client left on Edina’s book is Twiggy.

“I’ve been in worse trouble before. I shall rise again like the Phoenix!” Eddy declares. Twiggy, however, has other ideas. With her empire crumbling before her eyes, Edina knows that something has to give.

Saffy arranges an MA (Menopause Anonymous) meeting to give reluctant Patsy and Eddy the chance to share their feelings and learn to love their hormone patches with an array of weird and wonderful women. After a visit to her gynecologist, going through “the change” begins to have a dramatic effect on Patsy. A new, altogether fluffier Patsy – a domestic goddess, no less – begins to break through the hardened veneer. Will she ever be the same again?

“Menopause” also stars Helen Lederer as Catriona, Harriet Thorpe as Fleur, Antony Cotton as Damon, Mo Gaffney as Bo, Christopher Ryan as Marshall, Ruby Wax as Beth, Jeillo Edwards as Jeillo, Joanna Bowen as Jobo, June Whitfield as Mother, and Twiggy, Leigh Lawson and Dale Winton as themselves.