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A photo shoot in Paris gives Patsy the chance to relive her modeling days and spend time with her new best friend, supermodel Erin O’Connor. The Monsoon household accompany her across the Channel, as Edina drags Saffy along for a mother-and-daughter “Generation Flex” feature. But Eddy has trouble persuading her mild-child daughter to get into the swing—and out of her frumpy outfit. “Darling, just so it doesn’t look like that blouse is trying to strangle you,” she pleads, attempting to undo Saffy’s top button. “I’m not asking you to get your ta-tas out.”

Patsy finds the shoot is not quite the glamorous trip down memory lane she expected and struggles to cope with fresh-faced models, hideously unflattering clothes, and Rimmer (Dave Gorman, “Are You Dave Gorman?”, the photographer from hell. Eddy and Saffy, however, spend an unusually pleasant day together, hitting the shops and bars. But what is Edina plotting? And will Patsy crack under the pressure?