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Fish Farm

Patsy and Edina have been moshing at a Marilyn Manson concert. “Rock stars with a needle in their arm, not a hook in a trout. No gentlemen farmer ex-rockers. No fish farms!” proclaims Edina on their return.

The following morning, Eddy wakes to find an attractive young man in her garden. Tousle-haired Jago (Crispin Bonham-Carter) turns out to be a landscape gardener hired by Saffy, but Patsy recognizes him as the younger brother of a well-known aristocrat who inherited a huge estate in Hertfordshire—in other words, he’s loaded.

Mother (June Whitfield) is also flirting for Britain, competing with her friend Dolly (Dora Bryan) for the attentions of agent Brice (Tim Wylton), the smoothie who has got her a job as an extra of the new “Harry Potter” movie.