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Conscious that “one job is so last Millennium,” Edina adds TV production to her business portfolio. Patsy decides to grow old disgracefully with the help of Parralox injections to freeze her wrinkles and Saffy is praying her Labor Party job interview goes to plan so that she can finally escape them both.

In between trying to align her lower Chakras and blag her way into London’s trendiest drinking dens, Edina manages to land herself and client Twiggy, guest appearances on Richard and Judy (the UK’s answer to Regis and Kelly—much to the annoyance of her new partner, ruthless TV presenter Katy Grin (Jane Horrocks). But as her TV appearance draws near, Edina’s vanity and Patsy’s bullying get the better of her and she succumbs to the power of Parralox.

This episode also features Naoko Mori as Sarah, Bob Barrett as Labor Party Man and Tilly Blackwood as Lady Candy, with a celebrity appearance from Twiggy.